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Gender and Migration

Tickets will be available on 20 October. More event details here.

“Gender affects reasons for migrating, who will migrate, the social networks migrants use to move, integration experiences and labour opportunities at destination, and relations with the country of origin.” - International Organization for Migration

An understanding of gender dynamics is critical to an understanding of migration. Power dynamics based off of sex, gender, and sexual identity shape and drive its process and influence decisions and choices made prior, during, and after migration. It is also important to note that the choice to leave is not to be equated with being allowed to exit or enter a country. Immigration policy marks states as a force to be reckoned with in the migration process.

Join us for a panel discussion where we will be delving into the following questions:

-How we better understand gender in the context of migration?
-How can policy-makers and practitioners promote an understanding of gendered dynamics in their work on migration?
-How do patriarchal structures affect women's ability to migrate, the timing of their migration, and their final destination?
-How are patriarchal structures altered, reconstituted, or reinforced through the process of migration?
-How can we challenge anti-immigration policy in the UK?

Panelists to be announced shortly.

For those new to the topic of gender and migration, we recommend the following reads:

1. Hondagneu-Sotelo - Gender and Immigration: A Retrospective and Introduction
2. Ahmed - Home and Away: Narratives of Migration and Estrangement
3. Check out this syllabus from SOAS, University of London, with a fantastic selection of suggested reading.